Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A few more Hohners that thought they could escape.

I thought I would let the topic rest for a while, but then I saw these instruments advertised on Ebay. Yes, they are Hohners. At the end of the post i have included three Hohner Student accordions which bear the Hohner badge. These illustrate how Hohner used existing designs to fulfill contracts for other companies without the added expense of designing a wholly new accordion.

First, we have another piano accordion that was built by Hohner but was hiding out as a "Lakeside." Compare it with the brown Lakeside shown in the previous post. It is different in that it is a small a student model, but the crosshatched grille pattern and time of manufacture are the same. Also compare its paint scheme to the "Alberto Lizzi" La Tosca below it, which is a little older but quite similar, as well as the paint on the "Verdi" piano accordion from the previous post. I am interested to know the distributor or retailer who ordered this name on their accordions. If you know, please contact me through the email at right.

Now onto another likely Hohner product, although perhaps it was built by Koch. The La Tosca badge is problematic, however. I have seen at least one that was stamped "Made in Italy," and examined a great many others that were of German origin, but plainly not built by the Hohner company. Interestingly, the bass panel on this one is clearly a Hohner part, and the paint and keyboard flanges look like Hohner, too. It's labeled "Alberto Lizzi La Tosca." I've got no idea who Lizzi was, or if he was a real person. Similar blue and red paint on a white background is found on a lot of Koch and Hohner accordions from this period. Similar to the Lakeside shown above, it is also a student model.

To make this case clearer, here are photos of the Hohner Student I, Student II, and Student III piano accordions that I mentioned at the beginning of the post. These have varying configurations of bass buttons, but they are similar in that they were all aimed at young players or new students to the accordion. 

As with Lakeside, Lombardi, Tone-Cest, or any of the others, if you are aware of which company ordered these accordions from Hohner, please contact me in a comment to the post or an email. I am interested to hear from you.


  1. Here's another one for you! A Hohner Virtuoso piano accordion. The casework looks exacly like a 2-row L' Organola button box I'm selling.



    1. Yup, the "one from many" concept in action. I haev a Club from the same area with what looks like identical casework, although the grille pattern is different and the bass side is drilled for 8 basses instead of mini stradella. Good luck with the sale!

    2. Suzanne I was going to recommend posting that that the Irish box group on Facebook, and I had a vague recollection that someone already had last week, and looking at it now I see that it was you! Saved me a trip. :) Chris

  2. Thanks. I should probably give it a bump over there and start taking offers...probably asking too much. BUT it is very cool :-) Suzanne