Saturday, May 26, 2012

Online collections of accordion photography

I like looking at photographs of accordions, especially vintage instruments. The internet makes this very easy to do. I want to share two websites that have lots of accordion photos. The first is an ipernity user group, and the second is Ray Laforest's website.

"The Accordion portrayed in vintage photographs." At a whopping 865 photos, it's sure to keep you occupied for hours. The pictures are interesting, like a social history of the accordion. Unfortunately, the captions do not provide useful information about the subjects and sources of the photographs are not provided. By the way, I was referred to this group by a poster in The Accordion Forum, a great new forum devoted to the PA and CBA. I highly recommend visiting there and jumping into a few discussions, especially if you can share your knowledge and talents.

The second site I'll share is the webpage of Ray Laforest. Now passed on, Ray was a box collector and repairman in Ontario, Canada with a passion for accordions. His collection was huge! And he made photos of the lot available to the public via his website. Thanks, Ray.
I also found a YouTube video from user Woodenflutes who visited Ray while having an accordion serviced. If you like the video, drop the original poster a line to say thank you.


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