Friday, December 30, 2011

Field recordings of Joe Cooley

**It appears that the domain for the Joe Cooley Tapes has expired and the links are dead. Text and photos from the site may be accessed on from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine by clicking here.**

The original Gumshoe Arcana post is below:

If you're interested in Irish box playing, then you're familiar with Joe Cooley. When Cooley lived in the Bay area in the 1970s, he was recorded in a variety of settings (and with permission) by Jeremy Kammerer and Cathie Whitesides. These field recordings were made with a Norelco cassette recorder and are now available for free stream or download, along with detailed track listings and commentary. Any comments or questions about them can be directed to Cathie Whitesides through the contact info on the website. (You might also thank her.) Link is below.


  1. It seems that this link is dead now.

    1. Indeed the domain gone dead rather suddenly. I wish I had more information but I do not. I remember saving these recordings onto one of my hard drives. If you send me your email (mine is in the top right frame of this page) then I'd be happy to send a dropbox link. Chris