Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goodbye porkpie Pokerwork

So how does moving relate to accordions? Well, to get us out there, I am once again selling some of my instruments. If you know a musician then you are familiar with how quickly he can acquire a pile of instruments: some "need work," some are "good for parts," some are "awaiting restoration," and a slim fraction of the lot are in good working order. When fast action is needed, selling the herd for slaughter is a first and last resort. I'm not worried about losing a few guitars and accordions. I consider it something like bloodletting.

Here is the Hohner Pokerwork in G/C tuning that I sold a few weeks ago:

I sold it for $400, which I think is a fair price for a Pokerwork that is in tune and not requiring the "usual" work. I hope the buyer keeps it but something tells me that he sold it to someone else. But such is life; at least my jolly little Pokerwork will continue life as a musical instrument and not end up in a TGI Friday's.. at least not yet.

[March 2011: Yes, it was sold. I was contacted by the new owner, who loves it. I am happy it has a good home.]

By the way, a Hohner Pokerwork in a hardshell case, packed in a brown box and surrounded by packing paper, bubble wrap and foam peanuts, weighs approximately 15 lbs. FedEx is the service I have always used for shipping accordions and you can't beat their prices.

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