Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Accordions away!

Throughout our relationship I've probably bought and sold more instruments than I have fingers and toes, but when I boxed up and dispatched my Pokerwork, my wife became upset. She snapped a few last minute photos as I was working go get it to FedEx in time. Here's how it looked in the slightly oversize case:

To restrict its motion inside the case, I first wrapped the accordion in thick bubble wrap, then surrounded it with coarse paper until it did not move at all. The case was stowed in the brown box surrounded on all sides by foam peanuts. This is the best way to pack an accordion. Here I am measuring the case before purchasing a new brown box to serve as a respectable shipping container. It started to rain when we left the house, but I think that made it a nice day.

We drive a 2006 Kia Spectra. It's a noble little horse, but it's not really meant for cargo or performance. Stick a few boxes or a passenger in the back and you just cut your acceleration in half. Note the size of the accordion case relative to the size of the trunk! Kias are becoming very good and safe cars for the money, but their engineers still haven't solved the economobile conundrum; that is, the inverse relationship between savings and performance. On the other hand, we test drove a Kia Soul a few weeks ago and that little hamster car really has a lot of space in the back and seemed to pick-up nicely. I understand the Forte is supposed to be pretty competitive, as well. It'd be great if they made the Soul with a 4WD option. If you sell three accordions at $400 each, I bet you can buy a used Kia Sephia.

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